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  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
    A  {Perl}  program  which  prints  "Just  another  Perl 
  hacker"  using  extremely  obfuscated  methods,  typically  ones 
  based  on  obscure  behaviours  of  sometimes  rarely-used  functions, 
  in  the  spirit  of  the  {Obfuscated  C  Contest}. 
  The  obfuscation  can  result  from  the  code  being  total 
  gibberish,  e.g.: 
  $_="krJhruaesrltre  c  a  cnp,ohet";$_.=$1,print$2while  s/(..)(.)//; 
  or  from  having  "Just  another  Perl  hacker"  embedded  in  opaque 
  $_='987;s/^(\d+)/$1-1/e;$1?eval:print"Just  another  Perl  hacker,"';eval 
  or  from  looking  like  it  does  something  simple  and  completely 
  unrelated  to  printing  "Just  another  Perl  hacker": 
  $_  =  "wftedskaebjgdpjgidbsmnjgc"; 
  tr/a-z/oh,  turtleneck  Phrase  Jar!/;  print; 
  {Examples  (}. 
  From  V.E.R.A.  --  Virtual  Entity  of  Relevant  Acronyms  13  March  2001  [vera]: 
  Just  Another  PERL  Hacker  (PERL)