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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Addition  \Ad*di"tion\,  n.  [F.  addition,  L.  additio,  fr  addere 
  to  add.] 
  1.  The  act  of  adding  two  or  more  things  together;  --  opposed 
  to  {subtraction}  or  {diminution}.  ``This  endless  addition 
  or  addibility  of  numbers.''  --Locke. 
  2.  Anything  added;  increase;  augmentation;  as  a  piazza  is  an 
  addition  to  a  building. 
  3.  (Math.)  That  part  of  arithmetic  which  treats  of  adding 
  4.  (Mus.)  A  dot  at  the  right  side  of  a  note  as  an  indication 
  that  its  sound  is  to  be  lengthened  one  half.  [R.] 
  5.  (Law)  A  title  annexed  to  a  man's  name  to  identify  him 
  more  precisely;  as  John  Doe,  Esq.;  Richard  Roe,  Gent.; 
  Robert  Dale,  Mason;  Thomas  Way  of  New  York;  a  mark  of 
  distinction;  a  title. 
  6.  (Her.)  Something  added  to  a  coat  of  arms,  as  a  mark  of 
  honor;  --  opposed  to  {abatement}. 
  {Vector  addition}  (Geom.),  that  kind  of  addition  of  two 
  lines,  or  vectors,  AB  and  BC  by  which  their  sum  is 
  regarded  as  the  line  or  vector,  AC 
  Syn:  Increase;  accession;  augmentation;  appendage;  adjunct. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  1:  a  component  that  is  added  to  something  to  improve  it  "the 
  addition  of  a  bathroom  was  a  major  improvement";  "the 
  addition  of  cinammon  improved  the  flavor"  [syn:  {improver}] 
  2:  the  act  of  adding  one  thing  to  another;  "the  addition  of 
  flowers  created  a  pleasing  effect";  "the  addition  of  a 
  leap  day  every  four  years"  [ant:  {subtraction}] 
  3:  something  added  to  what  you  have  already;  "the  librarian 
  shelved  the  new  accessions";  "he  was  a  new  addition  to  the 
  staff"  [syn:  {accession}] 
  4:  a  quantity  that  is  added;  "there  was  an  addition  to  property 
  taxes  this  year";  "they  recorded  the  cattle's  gain  in 
  weight  over  a  period  of  weeks"  [syn:  {increase},  {gain}] 
  5:  a  suburban  area  laid  out  in  streets  and  lots  for  a  future 
  residential  area 
  6:  the  arithmetic  operation  of  summing;  calculating  the  sum  of 
  two  or  more  numbers;  "the  summation  of  four  and  three 
  gives  seven";  "four  plus  three  equals  seven"  [syn:  {summation}, 

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