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Corporate social media censorship on the rampage

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-06-27
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It has become so clear in the last few months just how manipulated speech is in these popular social media sites people are using.

Most of the bright people I follow have seen several very important discussions that should be, had fallen silent or decayed in the entropy of #censorship #shadowban and the wide array of tactics employed by the technocratic monopolies.

When important National and/or Global discussions that would easily take hold on the surface of popular culture are suppressed to the underground we have a problem Houston.

As António Guterres Secretary-General of the United Nations said in his opening remarks to the Press on June 25th, 2020:

"We are also fighting the plague of misinformation. Next Tuesday June 30th, our new “Verified” initiative will ask people using social media platforms to participate in a special global “pause” before sharing questionable information."

This is coded Orwellian speak that means "more censorship coming" in my book and and in the opinion of many peers I respect and admire. If you think this sounds like a good thing, I consider you to be part of the problem.

In no future I find inviting will UN "Verified" speech patterns be the acceptable *normal*. My studies tell me that this leads to suppression of anything contrary to the agendas and narratives of already rich and powerful people, at the expense of the voices of the meek and most of the people on the streets of countries all around the world.

Some of our most used social networks are already caught red handed repetitively suppressing speech that does not fit their corporate partners narrative, this is no mystery, we have watched it accelerate for years.

For this reason and too many reasons to list without this becoming a book I am branching out to use other social networks, independent websites, blogs and non-centralized resources. It is amazing how different speech patterns are outside of the corporate controlled bubble.

Branching out to other venues is, in my opinion the best way to respond to this monopolistic siege of our fundamental requirements as the world connects more and more via the Internet.

We really don't have to tolerate it, we can direct most of our attention to places that support who we are and what we think. Yes, there are less people in many of the alternatives, though you may be amazed at how much different it is when people are free to discuss important topics, not allowed in the monopolistic social media platforms.

Quality is better than quantity in my life, so much of my online interaction is now migrated, and will continue to migrate over the next year, because dependence on monopolistic corporate board decisions is not safe or sustainable, it is often sociopathic and cold.

There are really lots of networks and communities all over the internet that would benefit from our support. These networks are suppressed by the same monopolies. They need our support.

So I urge you my friends to reach out and try some of the other options, it is not my intention to recommend which ones you try as they are a matter of preference. Ask your friends what sites, social media alternatives, online communities they like and use, then get involved in the actual online connectivity we really do have.

It is not necessary to quit your current social media to branch out. Simply try other places, support the small businesses of the Internet. Tell your friends of cool networks and communities you find.

Join the movement, or stay in the censored narrative bubbles. Good hunting.